Welcome to Camp VasLo
This is what we have all been waiting for. One of the greatest spectacles to ever come from the party in the dessert. A combination of the old and the new. We welcome you to the illustrious and unpredictable world that is VasLo's lyrical labyrinth.
VasLo's back story
VasLo is a Las Vegas native that has roots in not only sin city but has also traveled up and down the west coast battling countless adversaries in the underground rap arena. The third generation entertainer with a classical background and a knack for crowd control hopes to take his wild battle theatrics and unique flow to the big stage with his 2018 debut.

A fan of music early in his life, it is apparent in the range of styles in his debut tracks. He plans to continue to demonstrate his maneuverability around different styles and show his creative cocktail of stage presence and classical precision with new tracks dropping every month. On top of that providing shows as often as possible to demonstrate his connection to his fans because he is still one. Every track looks to be a take on the old way of mixing meshed with new technology and next level thinking. In conclusion his show plans to be a look into VasLo's lyrical psychosis while still providing what is arguably one of the best acts that has ever come out of Las Vegas.

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