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Song Title: Tight Run
Lyricist: Vance Sebastien Lemley-Orlando Date: 03-27-18
Are you ready for the tight run? Tight rope walk from the tight one, Light some light for'em,
On the mic,
A different type of lifeform,
You could never send me to the mother fuckin phsyc ward, I'm a cyborg,
Different kind of animal can't even find my hoard,
Rocking crowds is my heritage you hearing it,
Dam blue bird became my therapist,
Now every time I'm straight sharing shit,
It's apparent hearts on my sleeve Im wearing it, Descendents of the giant one,
Need a hit homie take one,
I'm the king of Vegas rap please say something,
Seriously Benton say something,
I'm laced of up,
From the base up,
Mouth don't stay shut,
Raised up,
To straight bust,
No stage rust,
I Stay tucked,
Play stuff,
That got all my B's flamed up,
I'm much more then regular,
A bit a more then head of yah,
take the head of the game put it in be next to yah,
Like a horse head,
leave yawl more dead,
Lifeless from the flyness the dam floors red, Much more read,
Then most with tour cred,
Mumble rap couldn't be more dead,
Rap league of a higher class,
That admires ass,
Sire with a choir on a higher path shatter glass, Who wanna step up and battle Vaz?
Got my 40 Cal no safety,
Don't play me,
My mama raised me because we pasty G's gona try to take me, Do not give a fuck what color paisley
you claim G
It amaze me,
How quick I fuck around and get you mad son,
Dropping tracks left and right waiting for a bad one,
On light goes off, I'm a show off, Show stop,
Sure enough
'show up,
With the whole block,
Got a whole lot of that cash crop,
Even when we not got them things the go pop
I've Got the whole block on cop detail
So I can fuck around and get these pocket sales,
Not new to the game just another chapter, Make a new game with only good rappers Ima sell records go fuck yourself Fafsua,
If you mumble again I swear ima smack yah, Bred for this life nothing to outlast yah Mabey it's the mic or my god like stature,
Short Song Description:
Old School Cypher
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Vance Sebastien Lemley-Orlando
Music Credits:
Producer Credits: G-400
Publisher Credits: TMP
Performance Credits: VasLo
Label Credits: TMP Records
Song Length: 2:29
Primary Genre: Rap-Hip Hop
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1: Eminem
Era: 2000 and later