No Sheep
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Song title: No Sheep
Lyricist: Vance Sebastien Lemley-Orlando Date: 04/19/18

Life on the road, ain't counting no sheep Come to my shows, you'll see what I mean I run with those, who run with the heat I'm here to expose, then put'em to sleep
Like woman I'm swimming in, give'em liquor,
From the pitcher,
To get'em in skivvy's showing them ass and titties quicker and sign your picture, Witch'ya,
Long as you can recite my shit like scripture,
Come to my shows, see what I a mean
Got vicious flows, and a starving team
My suspicion grows, you showing your greed This isn't your home, not what you bleed
Not what you come from,
Simply huntsman,
I can assure you I'm simply something, Nothing to play with,
Keeping it hunnid,
You in my scope you gona get hunted,
One of kind,
Something inside
Left to lie
I will provide
For those in my pride,
Should not be tried
Straps in traps one in the ride,
Cannot be capped match my height, Luck of the draw gamble your life,
I'm like, Southpaw plus Rambo on white This sample is tight
You feeling my hype
That's right
This stage is mine to night
That's righttttt
Let it ride, can't get a win
That's the type a shit make ya head a spin City of sin
My medicine
In the head again
Look at what this rap shit fuck around and did to me, Go'on check the rap sheet and brief family history, Always going up on to a bigger scene,
Teeth shine cause lines be clean as Listerine
You can take your ball, you can take the whole dame court home
No Jordons gona save you off in the short zone,
Cant take a long pass when it's underthrown Welcome to Mas Vaz presents the new Thunderdome,
Lyric Credits: VasLo
Producer Credits: G-400
Publisher Credits: VasLo
Performance Credits: VasLo
Label Credits: TMP
Song Length: 2:17
Primary Genre: Rap-Hip Hop
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Mood 1: Diplomatic
Era: 2000 and later